How to Make Your Company More Environment-Friendly 

Nowadays, businesses are getting more and more conscious about the impact that their products and services have on the environment. Due to the current climate change pace, responsible business enthusiasts are committing themselves preserving and protecting our mother Earth. As a matter of fact, this policy doesn’t only pay off for the world as it can also mean financial savings for the business. This can be a big promotional tool for every business when it’s time to recruit new workers, and it can also build high morale to your current employees. No matter how small or big your budget is for going green, there’s certainly something that you can do in order to protect and even improve the environment. All you need to do is simply to commit to it, as well as begin implementing your own policies. In this article, we have listed certain ways to make your workplace more environment-friendly.



Try to take a quick glance around you. You will see a lot of resources that you can use to make your workplace a better place to go eco-friendly. Water bottles, food packaging, electricity, as well as electronics are all certain areas where you can best tailor your improvement ideas for the environment. Start with the energy consumption. By turning all computers in your office off at night, and by disabling screen savers during day use of the computers, you will be able to cut the consumption of energy. It will not only help the environment but it will also help you save money as well as it cut down your energy bill. You can also put lights on motion sensors or on timers so they automatically cycle off especially when there are certain areas in your workplace that are not frequently used. In addition to that, do not air condition or heat certain areas in your building, which is not being used frequently.

Natural light is not only cheaper – it’s even healthier. It might take some adjustments of the furniture in your office, but encourage your workers to utilize natural light from the windows of the building whenever they have to work. In order to reinforce the commitment of your company to eco energy regulations, you can also invest in shutters that are planet friendly. You can also select a company that utilizes wood from forest that replant, with shutters that can also cut down your consumption of energy since they also insulate.


Nowadays, plastic has become a big problem worldwide. Your business can actually downsize it in a positive way by using water coolers. You can also go one step further by issuing everyone a water container that they can reuse, or you can also allow your staffs to use glasses from the cafeteria of your workplace and bring it to their desks, or they can use their personal mugs and tumblers as well.

Paper is another commodity which can be utilized in a more ecofriendly way. Tell your staffs to recycle old printer cartridges and documents, and print both sides of the paper before throwing them away. You can also further encourage this method by placing recycle bins near workstations and printers. The best way to care for mother Earth is simply not to print the things that are not necessary at all. In this era of email as well as other forms of communications within the workplace, a lot of documents can actually be shared to all your employees with the use of the internet. You can also challenge your workers to reduce their printing habit by 5% a month and you should encourage all the members of the team to achieve this goal as well. Reward whenever necessary if you happen to meet this goal every month.

The Commute 

One big part of the daily lives of your employees is getting to and from the workplace. Try to assess if the tasks of your employees (or only some of them) could be done at home. As a matter of fact, a lot of companies nowadays are reaping the advantages of telecommunicating. It does not only enhance the lives of their workers, but it can also use fewer building resources of the company, making the business save too much in overhead expenses. If your company cannot offer telecommuting to your employees, then you can certainly imply a more ecofriendly policy within the organization by encouraging the use of public transportation, carpooling, cycling or walking. Walking cannot only help save the environment, as it can also keep you and your employees healthy as well.



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